Employee Wellness Programmes.

Wellbeing at work.

Did you know 74% of adults have suffered with stress in the last year? A staggering 79% of adults in the UK alone are suffering from work-related stress.

Do you know how that is affecting your business?

Wellness employee programmes can help improve & reduce stress in your workplace, promoting a more productive, positive environment for you & your staff.

My wellbeing at work packages, offer not only education & knowledge on mindfulness promoting a healthy mindset, mentally & physically, but they are also interactive with guided breathing & meditation exercises helping your employees relax, reducing stress levels, boosting motivation & mental health.

Wellness programmes help employees learn new behaviours that improve their health & well-being. No matter how big or small your workplace, I come to you on a regular basis to help your staff relax, recoup & learn new skills for better health, physically & mentally using mindfulness.

As the employer, you will benefit not only from the sessions yourself, should you wish to get involved but from the change of your work environment after just a couple of session…

  • A healthier, more positive work environment.
  • Better staff morale.
  • Less sick days.
  • Employee productivity.
  • Better teamwork & social network.
  • Higher job satisfaction.
  • Staff engagement.
  • Better mental health.
  • Reduced healthcare costs.
  • Improved relationships.
  • Financial benefits of a more productive workplace.

I recommend at least one session a month, however I offer continued support in between sessions & supply materials for your employee’s to keep working on a better version of themselves in-between sessions. Sessions can be arranged before the start of the end of your working day or can be done throughout – each programme is tailored to the needs of your employees.

I make a difference in many different work places, from corporate office spaces to barbershops – all you need to provide is a room! I make my sessions fun and interactive with something new every session keeping it enjoyable each time. Every package comes with the opportunity for private one to one sessions at the end. Make a difference in your workplace today!

I was recently interviewed by Leeds+ social news & Yorkshire Evening Post – where you can read even more information about me.

For more information, consultation, quotes & bookings head over to my ‘book a session’ page or call now.

“We need this monthly meeting with Kayleigh more than ever at the moment! We’re a small barbershop on the outskirts of Leeds, not only do we have our own day to day problems, we also listen to everyone else’s! It’s great to have some relaxing meditation with my staff, have a chat with Kayleigh and get some useful self-help tips from her. She is fun, full of positive energy and great to be around! Thank you Kayleigh.”

Domino, Leeds.

Let’s make a difference together…