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Been a creative writer with a successful career in barbering, I’m on a mission to make your day a little brighter, one blog at a time!

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Real stories from a real Barbershop, that have been given a “buzz” for your entertainment, all written by me – a real Barber!

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Brighter Days…

Motivation, self-help tips, lifestyle, health & fitness, funny stories – whatever it takes to make your day a brighter!

Brighter days is a free for all blog, because it costs nothing to spread happiness and love!

As a Mo Rated Barber, currently studying my NVQ level 2 in Mental Health First Aid, I am trained to talk to clients in the Barbershop and give advice or guidance to anybody else who needs some…

I’m no doctor but after some personal struggles, I am on a mission to spread positivity, by sharing healthy tips for a better lifestyle through fun, easy read blogs!

There are no limits on what I talk about on here, if I heard it and I have permission I will write about it!

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