Self-care <3

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It’s literally what it says on the tin… taking care of yourself.

Why am I telling you this?

Because so many of us get caught up in our busy lives that we forget to take care of ourselves.

This is one of the biggest causes of poor mental health & wellbeing because self-care has been clinically proven to reduce & improve anxiety, depression, stress, frustration & increase happiness.

So let’s start doing more of it! Self-care is something that I massively promote as a coach who was once a anxious mess, I use my self-care routine as if it was my daily shower or skin care routine & I invite you to do the same…

Practicing self-care teaches you a lot about yourself, things like – what’s really important to you, how to manage your emotions & stress, time out of your busy mind, teaching you stop threating about silly things & learning to appreciate the smaller things in life helping us find our true happiness.

Self-care gives us a healthy relationship with my ourselves teaching us to accept ourselves, accept our emotions & nurture them rather than forget or hide from them which we know makes them worse!

Once we improve ourselves, we can improve our relationships because it’s difficult to love or care for someone else if we can’t do that for ourselves.

Self-care isn’t something new, it’s something we should have been prioritizing for years but unfortunately most of us learnt to care more about the things that don’t matter. Things like what others think of us, what others think we should be doing or what others are doing. Somehow we grew into a world that cared more about other people than ourselves & as a consequence of that some of us started to suffer…

Stress, anxiety & depression is at a all time high with the pandemic adding even more stress & worry on our population, mental health & suicide rates multiplied!

Just by making some small changes or adding a small self-care routine to your life can make a huge difference to your mental health & wellbeing – it’s not just clinically proven but it’s Kayleigh proven plus I’ve seen some amazing results in my clients who decided to take up a self-care routine…

Again, self-care is what it says on the tin meaning that pretty much anything that helps you take care of yourself can be used for your self-care routine.

The way I like to look at it is to take some time, no matter how short or long out of your day, everyday & do something for yourself without feeling selfish, rushed or stressed.

It can be something as simple as a hot bubble bath. It could be a walk, some exercise, reading a book, having a nap or even having a night away.

Doesn’t all of that sound lovely?

I know some of you are sat there thinking ‘well I do take baths actually’ or ‘I walk to work everyday’ but are you enjoying that nightly bath or shower you take or are you just doing it because you have to?

If you are doing something for yourself – you should WANT to do it, not HAVE to do it… now keep reading that until it sinks in, even repeat it, or print it & stick up somewhere you see everyday – I ONLY DO THE THINGS I WANT TO DO FOR MYSELF NOT HAVE TO. It’s such a great affirmation & daily reminder to live by!

The difference between wanting to do something & having to do something is the enjoyment, for example…

There is a lot of people on crash diets because they WANT to look better yet to look better, they HAVE to usually be on a diet they hate, that makes them miserable, then when they go back to eating a balanced diet, they feel like they put all their weight back on – because they’re actually eating properly again, then they feel they HAVE to go back on this diet – Vicious circle!

This is a classic example of us human beings, wanting to do something for ourselves and yet the person on that diet, may think they look good on the outside but in their heads they’re having a silent, toxic battle every day! The solution to this is finding something you enjoy to aid weight loss – if that’s what you want.

We only have one life – I know it’s such a typical line but we really do, why spend it been negative towards yourself or your life. You have the power, the motivation & the control to change, shape & live your life however you like!

But, let me tell you if you don’t look after yourself first, it’s going to be one hell of a ride! We all have our ups & downs but when we learn to take care of ourselves, become more aware of ourselves & practice the smallest self-care, it brings us that bit of extra joy, peace, happiness, awareness, love & positivity.

Being more mindful of your own time helps you enjoy it much more – you can’t relax if your not present in the moment.

Going back to what I said earlier, don’t just have a bath tonight because ‘that’s what you do after work’ or ‘because you need to’ – make it extra bubbly, turn your phone off! Turn the lights out & light some candles if you like, do whatever makes you happy!

When you walk to work this morning, set off a little earlier to avoid rushing, take a warm drink with you & wrap up warm, feel the autumn leaves beneath your feet & take in the scenery – even it’s not a particularly nice area to walk in- find something nice about it.

When you come home to your loved ones after work… enjoy some time with them! Don’t just casually ask how their day was – Stop! Take time out, have a drink with them, find out about their day, tell them about yours, stop just passing each other at the dinner table then siting on you phones all night, communicate! Talk! Laugh! Enjoy each others company!

When you finally get your day off from work that you really worked hard for… do whatever you feel like – maybe a walk, a run, dinner out, drinks out, sofa day, day of sleeping?

Start practising different forms of self-care, find out what you enjoy & what works for you then make your own little routine that you can fit in daily or as often as you need it.

Be sure to use it for those extra hard days – feeling run down, stressed, tired, etc – then treat yourself a little kinder that day & do something extra nice for yourself, just the same way you would for a loved one!

My self-care routine usually starts as soon as I wake up…

I lay in bed for about 10 – 15 minutes, I am on my phone but I’m usually looking at my diary for the day or planning it – I like to know what I’m doing before I even start doing it. Then it’s teeth brushed, down lots of water to rehydrate, into the kitchen or front room for 10 minutes of yoga, then I have my morning tea, write my gratitude list, shower, have my smoothie whilst getting ready (make up, hair) then I usually have 10 minutes on The Brighter Diaries social platforms to help brighten up your day! Then I’m on my way to work for the day, feeling fresh, calm, motivated & more importantly ready!

I try do this Monday to Friday, I always give myself the weekends off to do whatever I want, some mornings I might be out running, others I’m sat in bed having chocolate for breakfast! Either is ok! As long as I don’t feel bad for what I’m doing, I’m enjoying each moment & I’m happy – that’s all that count for me!

I also carry out some self-care on my evenings but decided to only share my mornings with you because I believe that’s the most powerful time of the day to have a positive mindset.

How you start your is how you will spend your day!

Of course, this your self-care so you look after yourself how you choose!

If you do want any more support though, please follow my social… Facebook – The Brighter Diaries. Instagram – @thebrighterdiarieswellbeinghub. I post every morning Monday to Friday for daily inspiration, motivation, self care/help techniques & mindfulness.

I also offer support groups in Leeds or private sessions online, so drop me a email for a free consultation.

A great book you can find some morning motivation from is Hal Elrod’s ‘Miracle Morning’ – I read this book twice this year – I actually used to rush & go to the gym most mornings before I was introduced to this book which is where I began my yoga journey and never looked back! Please give it a read, this guy is a genius & the book will definitely change your self-care routine & guide you towards living your best life!

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