The sad truth.

selective focus photography of woman surrounded by people in the street

Once upon a time there was a princess, she wasn’t really a princess, but that’s how everybody looked at her because she had everything!

She had the nice house, nice car, good job, great social life, handsome boyfriend, her family was loaded… What more could she want?

Her job to most people was great because she was the top recruiter in her company, she made a lot of money, she spent most of working days taking clients out to expensive meals, days at the races – any kind of flash day to bag a deal with them.

Her house was a new build, 4 bedroom place, over looking the river, she had a walk in wardrobe, a gym, the kitchen was huge, bedroom even bigger, cupboards always of full of good food and even better wine.

Her family owned acres of land in the next village along, where they would throw superior parties monthly by invitation only, they would decorate the build marquess with balloon arches, barrels of expensive wine, butlers would serve you your food, whilst a hired band would be playing some light music to set the mood.

Her boyfriend, the owner of a successful building company, he had great hair, great teeth, a great beard with an even better jawline, body of a fitness model, always smiling and laughing, spending his earnings on extraordinary holidays, he had a all year round tan, because he spent most of every year on some exotic beaches.

It sounds great right? Everything they could ever want? They must be so happy! Yet this is a piece from the ‘princess’s’ personal journal…

Dear diary,

Today was just as shit as yesterday. Work forced me to wear a low cut top again to meet Michael the slimy bastard. He wasn’t bothered about making a deal with our company, he just wanted to meet for drinks and stare at my tits all day!

I guess at least someone noticed me for a change! I spent the whole night alone again, before my boyfriend came home from a night out, not even to notice me, no hello, you look nice or no explanation where he was all night again.

We’re going to my parents monthly party again tomorrow, I’m dreading sitting there in silence, hearing how amazing my boyfriend is! It hurts even more the fact I tired to confide in my parents and tell them that im pretty sure he’s a lying, cheating pisshead who spends no time at home, but because he bought us a stupidly big house and fitted me a walk in wardrobe, apparently the sun shines out of his arse!

My mums invited all her friends again, their daughters will come along too, she still seems to think we’re best friends when in actual fact they fucking hate me and spend their time at the party laughing on my behalf… WITH MY FAMILY!

I’ve had enough, I hate my job, I don’t want to be with a partner but if I leave him, I’ll be judged by all my family, I have no friends, no real relationship, this big house is lonely, I’m scared of my thoughts and the wine doesn’t seem to be helping me get rid of them anymore. Everyday I wake I wish for a new life! A new partner, a new home, a family that listened but instead I wipe away my tears put a fake smile on and begin each day the same over and over again,

Enough is enough, I took some pills too tonight to stop the noise…

And just like that, the princess was gone…

The press got hold of her diary and word got out, people commented, sympathised & reached out. They said they would have been her friend, they would have helped, listened, etc… but it was too late, the princess took her own life, did she mean to? That’s a mystery! Maybe she took the pills to take away the noise but took too many, maybe it was just a cry for help or maybe she really was that unhappy that didn’t want to be here anymore…

Either way, 1 in 5 people commit suicide EVERYDAY! People out there are suffering!

Mental health is invisible & easy to hide! Check on your friends, talk more, listen more… make mental health a priority! Make it normal to talk to your friends about each other’s mental health!

And remember that money, materials are just a bonus… be grateful for the people, partners, family & love in your life.

Don’t suffer alone! This sad story is just an example of some people are going through, I have a lot of useful contacts that you find on my contacts page if you feel you are in crisis.

For anybody wanting to improve their mental health & well-being, drop me a message and let’s set up a session!

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