You are what you eat – THINK!

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You’ve heard the saying… you are what you eat…

Well, the same applies to your mind…

The more you tell yourself you can’t – you won’t!

The more you tell yourself you’re a failure – the more likely you are to fail!

The more you tell yourself you’re not going to that meeting/party/event – you guessed it! The more likely you won’t go!

Your mind is such a powerful tool, you are constantly learning every day, your mind is a sponge for any information it receives – it’s up to YOU how you look after it!

Let me give you a easy example – music! We all love it, we all have different tastes & there’s a million songs in the world yet we still seem to know most words & recognise the tunes of songs we don’t even like, never mind memorising all the words of a million songs we love… clever ey!

That’s because your mind hears those songs over & over & you subconsciously remember the words, even of the songs you don’t like…

That’s just like trauma! You can pretend you’ve forgotten about your bad past but subconsciously it’s still there & it will more than likely come back to bite you!

Not do we just store traumatic events & music, your mind is a literally a hard drive storing most pieces of data you pick up daily & what you tell it!

Therefore – you are what you think!

If somebody was to call us names like ‘stupid’ ‘a failure’ ‘useless’ or tell us ‘you can’t do this’ ‘you’ll never succeed’. We’d very quickly become unfriendly with these people so why do we do it to ourselves?

Most people suffering from a lack of motivation, stress, anger, anxiety, depression etc, are usually telling themselves this daily & not only is it not helping your mindset & mental health, it’s actually making it worse!

Even psychologists & many religious or spiritual beliefs will always teach about self-love, confidence, believing in yourself & positive thoughts because negative thoughts are so damaging to your well-being!

Don’t worry if this something you do, as I’ve explained before, it’s never too late to change your mindset! Even if you think this doesn’t apply to you, give it a go anyway! No one’s perfect & I believe you can never stop improving or educating yourself!

I’m going to list a few quick self-help tips to instantly improve the way you think, most of them have their own in-depth articles you can find on my blog, so have a nosey around & read a little more…

Gratitude! Always start with gratitude, stop moaning about what you don’t have & be grateful for what you do have! List three things every morning you’re grateful for!

Be present! Be present in the now, stop worrying about the past or future as neither can be changed or controlled! You won’t enjoy your life if you spend your time worrying about either. You can do this by meditation, guided breathing, pinch yourself, look at the time & date, enjoy yourself! Do something that gives you joy…

Which brings me to my next one – Having fun! Take some you time, do things that give you fulfilment! Have fun, be more laid back & promote your own happiness!

LAUGH! The world’s number 1 best medicine! Don’t take everything or yourself so seriously! If you mess up a little, have a little joke about it with your loved ones! Laughing literally releases a feel good hormone – so the more you laugh the better you feel!

Smiling! Just like laughing, releases them feel good hormones… A random little trick is to smile as much as you can throughout the day, especially in the morning as this sends a signal to your brain that you’re happy, forcing you into a good mood – yes – you’re literally powerful enough to trick your own brain!

Your mind, your brain, your life, your power!

Be careful how you use it!

These are just a few examples of mindful methods you can use for more positive thinking…

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