The trick of worry

Juggler, Trick, Magician, Juggle

I call this article a trick because that’s what worrying is! It’s a trick of the mind! Worry misleads your mind into thinking the worse situation & that’s when your anxiety kicks in! You start worrying about the worry!

Let me give you an example…

A small everyday worry could start something like this – Let’s say the bus or train hasn’t turned up exactly the minute it was due…

First thoughts are probably ‘Shit! I’m going to be late to work today’

If you were to have control over your worries, you might do something practical at this point – google the next available transports, let work know etc.

But your thoughts escalate from been practical, you don’t think logically, instead your next thought is…

‘Great, I’m going to get in trouble for been late’

‘I bet everyone else is there on time’

‘’They won’t be able to start the morning meeting without me’

‘Everyone’s going to hate me’

‘I’ll probably loose my job’

‘Imagine if I did loose my job’

‘I don’t know any other skills, I wouldn’t even get another job!’

‘I’m going to be homeless!’

Then the train turns up, now you’re on schedule to get to work on time again, everything’s good apart from you’re left feeling like some crazy person and now you’re starting to overthink that!

You’re now left wondering is there something wrong with you? Is it normal to have those types of worries just because your train didn’t pull in bang on time!

The answer is no, there is nothing wrong with you. We all get worries – some worse than others…

It’s not the worries that we get that’s the problem, it’s how we deal with them!

So here’s a few things I learnt, that have been tried & tested by myself & what I recommend you try…

First up – you need to write down your worries, get them out of your mind on to paper, sometimes seeing your worries on paper is easier to deal with. So write them down and ask yourself – Is there anything you can do right now to prevent or help this problem? If so, go do just that! If not then try make a plan, for starters is it likely your problem will even happen or is this just something your mid is tricking with you? Having your thoughts wrote in front of you & out of your mind gives you time to think more logically – something that is almost impossible when you’re drowning in worry!

Number 2 – Live in the present! Here I go again, talking about my mindfulness techniques! This really works though! Often worries can be brought up from past events & most likely problems you worry will happen in the future – but if you’re living in the present, in the NOW, what do you actually have to worry about right now? If I wanted to, I could about a million things that COULD happen but we can’t predict the future so why waste time worrying about it…. Enjoy your life… NOW!

Positivity! Think positive, act positive, create a positive  mindset, encourage positive healthy habits, do things you enjoy, relax, read a book, go see friends, go to the gym – basically distract your mind with all good things you enjoy & don’t give your mind time to worry!

This is how worries are tricking us everyday! They get in the way of our logical thinking & make a not ideal situation into a huge, unbearable problem! How many times have the scariest of your worries come true?

Remember what I said on my social media pages the other day…

They say you can’t teach a old dog new tricks, however us humans have an incredible ability called neuroplasticity that gives us the power to retrain our brain at any age!

It’s never too late! No matter your age, your circumstances, your past, your ‘predicted future’ or your current situation – nothing is in control of you unless you let it be!

You have the power to change your mind so take that power and become a happier, less worried, less stressed better version of yourself!

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