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If I had a penny for every negative thought I’d ever had I would be bloody loaded!

Instead, I was blessed with lovely anxiety – said nobody ever!

That’s the problem… you don’t take control of your thoughts. They take control of you! It’s taken me a long time to learn that & I can confirm the cheesy saying is true…

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

I still get these negative thoughts, I’m pretty sure most people do, the difference is, I learnt how to deal with them, what to do when I get them & how to manage them.

Stress, worrying, over-thinking, rushing around, always saying yes, etc – they’re all forms of anxiety, sometimes manageable but the longer you leave them, the longer it takes to deal with them & the more severe the consequences.

Think of a jack-in-the-box, you’re inside in the box & your stress’s, worries & anxieties are the handle. Why?

Because their controlling YOU!

You know what happens with this box, you keep turning the handle (of stress, worry, etc) eventually… BANG you pop out! You fly out of the box, loose control, until somebody eventually pushes you back in (usually your thoughts).  

Let’s say this jack-in-a-box only takes 5 turns to pop open, how many times have you lost control today?

Which brings me to my next question… What are you doing about it?

You need to learn to take control – be the handle!

Our thoughts only control us if we let them…

Keep checked in with me on my website & keep up-to-date with my self-care & wellness advice, I post a free article every week, along side my free social media pages ‘The Brighter Diaries’ where you can find fun, free, positive content most days of the week. Here we can also interact & chat =).

If you’d prefer some meditation & mindfulness training, I offer sessions in person in Leeds & surrounding areas or via zoom, head over to my ‘sessions’ page for more info.

My first tip for anybody who can relate to this read, is to become more aware… raising awareness, raises alertness…

As a good friend once told me…


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