Mindfulness 🤍

A little intro to mindfulness with wellness coach & blogger Kayleigh R Bradshaw.

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Image from Pixabay.

You don’t have to be a hippy, yogi or spiritualist to practise mindfulness…

Mindfulness is for everyone & anyone who wants to change their mindset for the better…

It’s literally what it says on the tin! You teach yourself to be more mindful, to become present & more grounded in your mind & body, promoting positivity, good mental health & a better version of yourself mentally & physically!

It teaches us to be aware of our surroundings; where we are, what we’re doing, from our surroundings to our feelings, to be mindful of this helps conquer the negative thoughts, anxieties, worries, as well as helping our respond to fight or flight mode.

Everybody already has mindfulness qualities, however some of us just need to learn how to access them…

Peace, silence & meditation are a great way to start!

Taking a moment of a few minutes out of your day to just be still & quiet to be with your thoughts & feelings is amazing for your mental health!

By being still & listening to the busy noise in our minds helps us to access how we are really feeling, helps us to deal with them thoughts, emotions & once you master that, you take away the worry, stress & anxieties that easily take over our minds with our busy everyday lives.

If this sounds scary to you, listening to your own thoughts or been still, grounded or having time out, then you my friend are in much need of some mindfulness!

Meditation, grounded breathing, or just being still can be a little tough to do at first, if you haven’t done it before, I suggest you getting a coach, or following apps such as ‘headspace’ to help guide you until you master it! It may seem a little silly that I recommend you to get help to practice sitting still or breathing but believe me, many years ago when I first started it with my first coach – I struggled!

Sometimes we don’t realise what is going on in our minds, until we do take a moment to actually hear it, mine personally was a scary place when I first started practising mindfulness…

I had a lot problems from the past playing on my mind, it turned out I worried about everything, without even realising my daily busy tiring schedule was controlled by my thoughts and not me, unfortunately I was late to the party & had a huge anxiety crash before I learnt a new range of self-care, mindful skills to help me but nothing’s ever too late!

Whether your 15 or 50… your mental health is just as important as your physical health!  

You might think mediation or guided breathing isn’t for you, that’s fine! It’s not for everybody! Luckily that’s not all mindfulness has to offer!

Nature! Go out for a walk, no music, no distractions just go sit somewhere, listen to the wind, feel the breeze, take a look around… a great grounding technique to bring you present & slow down them racing thoughts, is to take a walk in nature, look for 5 things – it can be anything! Water, grass, a tree, a person, a dog, a lamp post! Literally anything! Listen, what can you hear around you? Honestly, just the most simply, small changes like this is so good for your mind!

Quick tip – A great book to read for being present & why it’s so positive and important is ‘The power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle.

One of my personal favourites is getting creative!! This could be anything from painting to gardening to cleaning, writing, singing… creativity is a beautiful gift, which again, we all have – you just need to find yours! Finding your inner creativity releases dopamine – a natural anti-depressant in your body, creativity also boosts your self-esteem, as well as your concentration levels! Even better, practicing mindfulness contributes to creativity by opening your mind to new ideas!

Journaling! This is a great one too! I know it’s easy for a writer to say! But you don’t need a laptop, journal or quill pen… you can use your phone, a listening ear, draw it, write it… whatever helps you get your thoughts out! It’s a great way to clear your mind. I personally prefer the writing method; I find it great seeing my thoughts on paper and out of my head. Not only does it clear your mind, but when you see the thoughts there to read aloud, sometimes them negative thoughts aren’t as bad as your mind told you they were! It’s great to keep them to go back to too – I guarantee you, what worries you today, unlikely will in 3 months’ time! Looking back at old journals is good way to see your progress!

These are just a few mindfulness methods to give you an idea of what it is, why we need & why you will benefit from it!

All my self-care articles revolve around mindfulness, using this, my education, qualifications & own experiences, I help you become a better version of yourself! I’m available for sessions in person in Leeds & surrounding areas, or via zoom!

In a nutshell, mindfulness is clearing out the waste in your mind! Freeing you from your past & your future whilst opening your mind, which will open so many new doors for you!  

Image from Pixabay.

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