Get a cat they said!

A continued ‘tail’ of the adventures of Casper…

You remember the first part of the story, right? I’ll give you a quick recap…

I wanted a dog, my boyfriend bought me a cat – understandable! We didn’t have time for a dog. We got a gorgeous little kitten called Camilla, who turned out to be as needy as dog who didn’t leave my side and who also turned out to have a set of balls! Camilla was a boy, so then we have Casper, who we should have called Chucky because he was a little shit! However, we love him very much despite his psychotic personality, well I do anyway! He tends to have a love/hate relationship with my boyfriend Jack…

“No Kayleigh, we are not walking a cat on a lead around Leeds City centre.” Jack put his foot down.

“But he’s bored, he wants to go for a walk.” I explained.

“He’s a cat! He’s not bored, he’s naughty!” Jack pointed at the chewed-up furniture and smashed up vases in our once beautiful front room.

“He’s not naughty, he just wants attention and he’s bored. We go out to work every day and he has to stay here.” I put on my puppy eyes and sad face, hoping he would believe me so Casper wouldn’t be in trouble…. AGAIN!

Casper was slowly recking everything in sight! He chewed everything, the sofa, the bottom of the chairs, the rug had been ripped up. Anything we left out on the table or sides he threw off and chewed up on the floor. There were pulls all over the curtains, where he had run up them and caught his paws. Cat litter all over the floor, even though he had a hooded cat litter box!

The first time after lockdown we had gone back to work and come home to this, we thought we’d been burgled! How could a little kitten make all this mess?

The worse part was, it wasn’t just Casper that would get in trouble from Jack, it would be me too! That’s because no matter what the house looked like, or how naughty he was, I couldn’t resist greeting him with lots of cuddles and kisses when I got home.

“You spoil him too much! This is why he doesn’t learn.” Jack would say whilst me and Casper lay on the sofa wrapped around one another sharing hugs.

“Yeah, well he’s our baby.” I’d tell him, only to get an eye roll back.

I found it funny, the cat was Jack’s idea, but Jack’s idea of cat was one that actually acted like cat! You know like independent, clean, unsocialable… Casper was quite different!

Oh yeah and did I mention? He won’t drink out of his bowl anymore… he has to use the same cups we do!

Back to the first part of the story, that I imagine your all waiting to hear about…

Yep, it’s official! I have turned into a crazy cat lady; I walk my cat…  and I don’t care!

He loves his little walks, I got him a blue lead and harness – to support Leeds United of course!

We only go for little walks at the moment, he gets a little scared still when it’s busy, but my aim is to get his confidence up and get him in the pub with me, I want to sit and have a beer outside with my cat!

The walking training was going great… at first! I’d take him out in our yard either before or after work and usually he’d have a good nap after… bonus! I get to walk my cat – Jack gets a little much needed break! Win, win!

Until I got a letter from the vets, telling me that Casper was now old enough for his castration, in Yorkshire terms… get his balls off! Mmmm, I’d kind of changed my mind though, I didn’t want my little baby to be in pain or have an op.

However, after the time that Casper had somehow broken Jack’s laptop, along with all the random attacks Jack had taken off Casper, I had reluctantly agreed we would have his balls off when he was old enough because it was supposed to calm them down a little.

I’d only really agreed to this because I had an angry boyfriend on my hands early one morning, I mean the poor lad was bleeding from quite a vicious Casper starch on his face… I tried to explain if he had just given Casper some attention, he wouldn’t scratch him! That didn‘t go down well. I guess that’s not what you want to hear at 4am on your day off! Hehe… It’s kinda funny when you’re not the one been attacked!

A promise was a promise, plus before I’d had chance to get out of this operation, Jack had already booked and paid for it! Point taken…

The night before was pretty rough because the vet had told us we weren’t to feed him for 12 hours before the op! Casper didn’t like that! He usually had 2 lots of food plus his treats on an evening… even a couple of treats that Daddy didn’t know about… sshh!

As you can imagine, we had a sleepless night! MEOW, MEOWW, MEOOOWWW, MEOWWWWWW…

He got louder, longer, and noisier every time we ignored him, but what could we do, the op could go wrong if we didn’t stick to the rules!

Operation day…

I’m not going to lie, I was anxious… of course I was, my little baby was going to have an op, Jack on the other hand grateful for the peace!

The vet, I think was just thankful the cat was here under their circumstances for a change… did I mention that they’d been a couple of bad parenting/ crazy cat emergency appointments.

One been that Casper had fallen off the kitchen side and fractured his leg – (so much for cats always landing on their feet!), and another been the time he sat on a lit candle and set his fur on fire!

It’s ok, he survived, he’s got about 6 lives left! The vet on the other hand had told me a couple of times now how she’d never known a cat like Casper… understandable!

The morning of the op we was greeted by our usual vet,

“Morning,” She smiled. “Just a quick brief, it’s 9am,” She looked at her watch, “So as soon as you leave, we will put Casper under anaesthetic and get straight on with the op. Nothing to worry about, we do many of these daily. He’ll probably wake up around 2pm, but he will out of it for a while, they tend to come round about 4pm, we’ll give him some food, check him over and call you to pick him up, that’ll be around 6pm. Sound ok?”

“Yeah perfect.” I smiled, “I know he’s in good hands! I’ll actually get some writing done today then!” I joked.

My job of been a writer was often made difficult from home with Casper around climbing all over me and the laptop, so as nervous as I was for him, equally, I had a full day to myself to get creative!

The morning soon passed – time flies when you’re having fun! I took a cheeky little coffee break from my writing and checked my phone to find 5 missed calls from the vets! My heart sank! Did something go wrong? Was he ok?! It was only 2pm!

Panicking, I called them straight back…

“Hi, it’s Kayleigh, I’ve had a few missed calls, is Casper ok?!”

“Hi, yes we did call, are you available to come pick him up?”

“Huh? Has he had his operation?” I asked with confusion.

“He has, however, unlike any other cat we’ve operated on, he woke up and bolted straight to the door. He’s wide awake, absolutely fine, as if he’s not even been under anaesthetic. I’m sorry if you’re at work, but we can’t accommodate him, he’s disturbing the other animals and we don’t have the facilities to look after him awake, as he should be sleeping!” She firmly told me.

“Okay! Well, I guess I’ll be there soon.”

“That would be great. THANK YOU!” He bluntly replied.

I mean you couldn’t make it up, could you? We were expecting a night of peace, lots of poorly cuddles, a sleepy cat who would barely move for the next few days… not with our Casper!

I no sooner got to the vets, he must have heard my voice in the waiting area because as soon as I spoke there it was, MEOW, MEOWWW, MEOOWWWWW!

The vet walked out with him; it was clear to see she wasn’t impressed.

“I’m going to say it again,” She fake smiled, “Never met a cat like him! Any problems give me a call. And as for you Mr, let’s hope we don’t see you back here soon!” She sarcastically told him.

Casper strikes again!

Yeah, he’s crazy, a little annoying at times, very messy, very loud, we literally loose sleep over him, but he makes a great addition to our little, growing family… Me, Jack, Casper, and my step-children, Oliver & Lilly – who by the way, Casper’s actually really nice too… lucky them and lucky us to have all that together under one roof… our beautiful family and guess what…


I hope the ‘tails’ of Casper, made your day a little brighter today and I hope he helped you to smile today like he does us everyday.

Use the comments box, tell me about your pets, your family, remember how lucky you are to have them & be grateful to have them, love them with all your heart, just as i do mine. ❤

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