Dreams can come true

By Kayleigh R Bradshaw

Youtuber, Blogger, Screenwriter

 (Image from Pixabay)

How’s the 9 till 5 office job treating you? Enjoying the much-needed glass of wine after work along with chain smoking the cigarettes you don’t actually need? Or are you in the gym smashing the weights, getting all that anger and boredom out after been sat in the job you hate all day?

Just take a minute while you read, what is it you actually want to do right now? If you could wake up tomorrow and start your dream job in the morning, what would it be?

Be realistic too, for example if you’re thinking about waking up and planning to land on Mars yet you have no astronautics qualifications it’s probably a little bit out of your league at the moment!

Then again, that brings me to my next question…

So, you’ve thought about your dream job, what are you doing about it?

Statistics show that over 60% of the population worldwide are stuck in jobs they hate, yet we spend most of our time at work!

It amazes me because I guarantee majority of that unhappy 60% outside of work wouldn’t do something that they didn’t want to do yet here they are doing just that for money.

I once read; money isn’t everything but having it is!

That’s such a powerful quote isn’t it, mainly because it’s true. Nobody likes to admit it, most people don’t even like to talk about money, but if we’re being honest, money makes the world go round! It is the root of all evil! Yet it feels so good to have plenty around you!

If you won 1 million pounds tonight, what would you spend it on? Huge house, flash car, holiday, shopping… the materialistic list goes on. Not many people would say any different, to be honest I wouldn’t!

We seem to think that money makes us happy, we seem to think with enough of it anything is possible and yeah sure more is possible. You could buy anything…

Except happiness, love, positivity, family, true friendship, real motivation, you could buy something to make you happy, buy friendship, even love but what happens when that thing you bought gets boring, you buy bigger, that gets boring, you buy bigger again…

It’s a vicious circle and what about when the money runs out? What do you have left? Who do you have left? If your family and friends are still around you at this point then congratulations, you’re winning at life, but I bet not many of you would be able to say that.

I’m sure by now you can see my point, money isn’t everything! Don’t get wrong, I would love more of it myself.

 I’m just a barber who loves writing, I’m just somebody who wants to spread positivity and motivation around, I’m a barber/writer trying to make people smile when I’m only just breaking it even myself. Who am I to tell you what to prioritise, like or spend your time or money on?

Sure, I’m just a barber and a writer but I’m happy! Really happy in fact!  

That’s why I feel the need to tell you, by now you’ve realised a lot of articles are self-help, positive, motivational articles. That’s because that’s what I like! I love this! I love writing, I love you guys reading it. I hope you guys love reading it!

One of my dreams was always to help people, throughout school (hated school by the way!) that was always my answer to what I wanted to do, just help people, I didn’t how or when but that’s what I wanted.

As I got older throughout my school years, I noticed my love for writing, every morning and evening I would keep a secret journal – no juicy gossip I just wanted to keep it private to me. I was nervous to share it with anybody else!

By the end of school, I realised I’d done nothing with my years, I hated school, I hated everything about it and for that reason I choose to do nothing!

I left school with no grades and no idea what I wanted to do whilst all my friends were at college ‘following their dreams’.

After a year of been a bum and living off my parents whilst they spent their days moaning at me to do something or get a job, I was offered a place on a hairdressing course – it was actually a course for school or college drop outs but it’s all I had on offer so I took it – surely this would stop mum and dad moaning.

At first I wasn’t a huge fan, washing old ladies hair full of dandruff wasn’t really my thing especially whilst getting paid £2.50 a hour!

Then something happened, my dad lost his highly paid job, the job that brought in 80% of our household income, life changed and so did dad, he got himself in a slum, he’d done the same career from been young so when it was suddenly taken from him obviously it was a shock.

First it was the shopping trips that stopped, then my weekend money stopped, eventually I had to start paying my way, we reluctantly sold our family home and moved to a much smaller place. My parents sold their flash cars and shared a standard family car, mum was out of the house more picking up more hours at work whilst dad stayed home budgeting the family weekly shop.

Things were tough, not as tough as some families may have experienced but thinking back to it the toughest part was losing dad for a while, he wasn’t himself for a while and now I’m an adult I completely understand why! Despite it all we all stayed closer than ever, if not closer. We didn’t need money we needed each other.

This helped my hairdressing career, because I wanted to go to work more, I wanted more hours so I had more money, then eventually when I qualified and actually started doing hair properly, I realised it wasn’t the money that had motivated me, it played a part but it was the smile on peoples faces when their hair was done, it made them feel better – that made me feel better! This was what I wanted to do! I was making people feel good by looking good!

My grandma used to always tell me; if you have a roof over your head and food in the cupboards, you’re richer than you think! It’s always stuck until this day.

Back then, going through that tough time with my family was when I decided I wanted to be happier than I was rich!

I knuckled down at college, I got through the boring times to become the successful, passionate barber I am today.

Then I went back to my writing, I spent my free time looking through some old journals, laughing and crying at them. Not to blow my own trumpet but I was bloody good! I wanted carry on reading my own work! Clients in the barbershop on every appointment would ask what story I had for them today! People loved my stories, slowly I started sharing short stories with friends and family, the feedback was amazing! It gave me confidence to share it with more people, then before I knew it, I had written a book – yet to be published! I had my own website, with lots of views, magazines requesting articles from me – I’d made it! The pay wasn’t amazing, in fact it was barely there at all, but I LOVE my jobs!

I am a successful barber, a passionate writer, with no school grades and not the easiest start but most importantly I’m happy!

I’ll ask you again… are you happy doing what you’re doing?


  1. I love to read your blogs!

    They always make me sit after reading them and think about what you’ve said for a while.

    Carry on the amazing work!!

    Can’t wait for the next read!! Xx


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