By Kayleigh R Bradshaw.

Here’s a funny free ‘tail’ for you.

It’s always good to try before you buy, so here’s a free story before you subscribe to the barbershop stories, here’s a time I wish I could have tried before I bought…

I’ve always been a dog person myself, what with the floppy ears, the wagging
tails, slathering mouths & sloppy kisses – not to forget the best hugs!

Growing up in my family home in Britain, we never had any less than 2 dogs at
a time in our family, but I grew up, moved in to my first place with my partner
and realised we were too busy for a dog! We both worked full time, plus with a
social life and hobbies, we didn’t really have the time to train, play with and
look after a dog!

It was amazing living with my partner, but – as much as I loved it and loved
him – he wasn’t a dog! He didn’t come running and jumping on me when I
opened the door – we did try, but it was weird! My partner wasn’t a big fan of
walks, nor being petted or squeezed with stupid amounts of sloppy kisses along
with baby voices, so we decided the time was right to get me a pet and to stop
petting my boyfriend!

If it wasn’t a dog, then what? I didn’t want a reptile, a fish would be boring, a
parrot too scary – I have a huge phobia of birds!

Then, one typical British rainy day, we’re having a film day, my partner puts on
a film from the best-selling novel A Street Cat Named Bob – perfect – highly
recommend too, if you haven’t already seen it! An inspiring, motivating,
moving film with a cute, caring ginger cat called BOB!

That was it!!! We would get a cat! Bob was great! Didn’t need walking, barely
any training, Bob gave lots cuddles! Forgetting it was just a film, I was
convinced the cat was a great idea and after some convincing so did my partner!

That’s not something that happens often! We would get a Bob!

I did some research on kittens…

‘Kittens/cats are one of the most independent house pets’,

‘Loving pets’,

‘Easy to look after’,

‘Be warned males spray during mating season’.

Ok, cool! A kitten couldn’t be much different from a puppy… I asked advice
from fellow cat owners…


“They’re cute!”

“They’re easy!”

“They do their own thing…”


She was our beautiful little princess, so I called her Camilla after the royals. We
loved her – she was perfect! The first night, the tiny little princess would sleep in our bed. She settled straight in! She curled herself up in between the two of us until about 1am when she woke me up in panic, making this awful chesty, groaning noise!

Was she growling? Did kittens even growl? Was she ill? Argh!! I grabbed my
phone to google emergency vets – until my partner woke up in hysterical
laughter to tell me the kitten was just purring at me because she was happy!

Ok, so maybe I should have done a little more research!

The whole sleeping with us in bed soon stopped after a fortnight of sleepless
nights! If her purring didn’t wake us then she would bite, scratch and cry till she
finally did.

“She’s just being affectionate,” other cat owners would say…

That was hard to believe when my body looked like I’d been caught in some
kind of freak accident! This wasn’t exactly what we had in mind when we’d brought our cute little kitten home, nor was this the kind of affection I expected!

On the other hand, she was this beautiful, cute fur baby. Yes, she could be
annoying, but she just wanted more attention and I couldn’t resist but give it to
her! My boyfriend would say…

“You’re spoiling her too much, she’s going to get used to it!”

I hate to admit he was right! She followed me everywhere! As soon as I woke
on a morning (usually by being woken by her, at about 5am to be precise!), she
would wrap her little paws around my ankles and wouldn’t let go until I finally
picked her up. As soon as I came home from work, she would be at the door
waiting, wanting picking up straight away! I couldn’t make dinner, do my
make-up, or just perform any normal task anymore without her crying for
attention! I thought cats were independent – not ours!!!

I couldn’t even have a bath alone, she would be in there with me, of course not
in the actual bath – but not far off! She would sit on the tub next to me, often
tapping me on the head with her paw to grab my attention.

One certain day Camilla lay next to me on the bath, cleaning herself, leg up in
the air. I just happened to turn around to grab my much-needed glass of wine,
but instead I had a kitten penis in my face!!

Camilla had a willy!!! She was a boy! A BOY!!! No, this wasn’t right! I bought a girl, I wanted a girl!! My boyfriend said I was only allowed to call him at work for emergencies – this was an emergency!! Although he didn’t think so, I think his first reply was…

“How many glasses of wine have you had?!”

Clearly not enough! How could we have never noticed this!? I took him to the
vet’s for confirmation. IT’S A BOY!

Ok, it wasn’t ideal, but I still loved my little kitty, so now I give you Casper…

Named after my favourite childhood film, Casper the Friendly Ghost – purely
just for the name! He’s not a ghost and he’s not really friendly either but he
certainly keeps us entertained and we love him very much!


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