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  1. Hi
    Iā€™m interested in mindfulness. What is the format of your classes? How many in a class and long are the classes?
    Thank you


    • Hi Jenny, thank you for your comment, great to hear you’re interested in mindfulness…
      I run by classes starting with some guided breathing, this is also known as meditation just not as intense.

      It helps us to relax, destress & learn the self-help & mindfulness techniques I teach, I do mini activities such as gratitude journals, grounding techniques & I also give people the chance to chat if they want to but that is optional!

      I make my classes fun, creative & casual.

      There can be from 5 people upto 15 people in classes, or they can be booked individually, online & in person usually lasting about 1 hour with the option to stay behind for a free one to one chat & advice šŸ˜Š

      Anymore questions, I’d be happy to help šŸ’š


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